Wireless or bus cable?

We provide you with both, but wireless gives you new possibilities.

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Plug and Play

An easy and safe way of installation.

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Safety documentation

Our software automatically gives you the required safety values for your installation.

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Start - Push button box, Safety buttons

Discover our Safety Simplifier

Probably the most flexible safety solution on the market.


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What we do

We simplify safety for fixed and mobile machines.

We develop Safety Simplifier with plug and play which simplify and reduce cost for safety systems up to SIL 3, PLe, Category 4.

We provide safety communication to the highest speed and the shortest reaction time both wirelessly and by cable.

We provide free software for Safety Simplifier and free Software Gateways instead of hardware gateways.

Our new concept is based on our extensive experience in safety standards and in the design and implementation of safety system solutions at SSP North and SSP GmbH.

Over 40 years of experience in machine safety

With over 40 years of experience in machine safety the founders of SSP North talk your language. We know how complex your industry might look and how modular the safety solutions needs to be. Thats why SSP North exists. 

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Mats Linger, CEO and majority share holder

Since my graduation, MSc, at Chalmers University of Technology, I have been very focused on machine safety.

I started with type inspection of presses and power shears, the most dangerous machines in those days. Thereafter I did a lot of research in robot safety and shared that experience as a representative for Sweden in the International standards for Industrial Robots and in other working groups. One result of that research was the three position enabling device.

My mission during inspection and reserch was and still is to make machine safety easy and production friendly.

Together with two partners in 1988, we started up the company Jokab Safety AB where we invented and developed safety products in order to make it easier to make safety systems. I also continued my work as a Swedish representative in the international standards for Industrial Robots, Automatic Machinery and Safety Circuits (EN 13849-2).

During the years with Jokab Safety we sold a lot of safety products and systems all over the world and made our brand known for machine safety. We also got many partners and the main partner was Jokab Safety Germany. In 2010 we sold the company to ABB AB and they kept the name of the brand Jokab Safety for the safety products.

As I still had a strong interest in machine safety and new ideas to make it even easier to build safe systems, I wanted to continue my work. In 2016, I therefore started SSP North AB based on the idea for Safety Simplifier, a project I started in 2014. I did this together with a designer, an experienced team in embedded safety and wireless communication, a new software engineer for a user-friendly communication and SSP GmbH for the market orientation. SSP GmbH was started 2013 by Johann Aulila, a long term relation since he had Jokab Safety in Germany, which also was sold to ABB 2010.

It has been and still is very stimulating to develop this new concept, Safety Simplifier, together with a young and enthusiastic team.

Together we will continue the work to Simplify Safety and to make safety production friendly.

Innovative applications & solutions

Wireless connections means no wires which opens up new possibilities where you save both time and money. The Safety Simplifiere can be used separatly or as a complement to an already existing system. The modularity creates endless applications and solutions.

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Special needs or test our products

Do you need help with your unique solution or do you want to test a demo product? Don´t hesitate to contact us. We will help you.

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Here you will find the most common questions about Safety Simplfier and our software.

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Explore the product range

Read more about our products and solutions offering. And take the opportunity to send an order request directly.

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Elmia 14 – 17 maj 2024 - SSP NORTH.

Elmia 14 – 17 maj 2024

I vår monter kommer vi bland annat att presentera vår nyhet Simplifier Gateway Profisafe som gör det enkelt att lägga till nya säkerhetsfunktioner i befintliga Profisafe-system. Koppla enkelt samman...

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Add text on your Safety Simplifier - SSP NORTH.

Add text on your Safety Simplifier

The Safety Simplifier just got even more customizable! When designing your Safety Simplifier, you can now choose freely what text you want to add on Push Buttons and cable...

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