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Safety Simplifier

Our main product Safety Simplifier is designed to replace an electrical cabinet and to simplify machine safety.

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Probably the simplest way to make a Safety System

Our Safety Simplifier is designed to be a plug and play for safety installations. It can be used either as stand-alone systems or as part of Siemens systems by the Simplifier Gateway Profisafe.

You just plug in the safety devices to a Safety Simplifier where they are used. The machines you connect directly to other Safety Simplifiers. You will save a lot of design work and cable installation work as you do not need a safety control cabinet.

All Safety Simplifier has its own safety PLC and can freely talk to each other wirelessly or by bus cable.

The free software automatically calculates the safety values as PFHd, reaction time for every I/O and furthermore it helps you to keep control of any change. We can provide you with pre-programmed safety functions or you can do the programming yourself.

It is very easy to expand and change the system, just mount a new Safety Simplifier where it is needed and add it in the program.

The reaction time for the Safety Simplifier is the shortest on the market today as well as the I/O:s are the most flexible.


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High Safety level

Up to SIL 3 /Ple cat 4.

What makes it simple?

  • Smart box with a Safety PLC
  • Safety communication on wireless bus,  cable bus and via I/O
  • No need for safety control cabinets
  • Plug and play installation
  • Easy to program, debug and monitor using our free software Simplifier Manager
  • Wireless online communication, programming and monitoring using Simplifier Monitor
  • Easy to change, expand and connect to other machine safety systems
  • Required documentation included (connection diagrams, PFHd values, reaction times)
  • Every I/O can be selected as safety input, output or as a combination of both at the same time.
  • The system and each page in the software program Simplifier Manager has a checksum to simplify inspection of changes.
  • Safety Simplifier is designed to reduce the number of cables as they are placed where the safety function is needed.

Wireless and/or cable bus safety network

Safety Simplifier is the first safety PLC unit made for bus communication wirelessly and/or by cable in a safety system. Undepending on which solution you choose, all Safety Simplifiers in a system can share 256 safe I/O  and safely network together. Furthermore, several systems of Safety Simplifiers can work together.

Communication with other PLC brands.

The Simplifier Gateway Profisafe makes it possible to connect Simplifier systems with Siemens systems. Configure the safety functions directly in the Siemens control system or in Simplifier Manager. Furthermore, the Safety Simplifiers are prepared to communicate with different brands of PLC:s using our free Software Gateways.

The most modular PLC on the market – select your favorite.

Select what you need and design your standard Safety Simplifier unit/s with push buttons and M12-connections for safety devices and machines.

We build according to your wishes and we also include markings for connections inside, electrical diagram and software for inserting the Safety Simplifier into Simplifier Manager, with the right numbering on the terminals.

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Smartest and user friendly software.

The software Simplifier Manager has standard functional blocks for different types of safety devices, safety functions, outputs and for two way communication between PLC:s. Installation of the software and communication to Safety Simplifier can be done wirelessly or via a USB contact.

Simplifier Manager (software)
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Cost effective

Plug and play,  wireless and standard Safety Simplifiers reduce design and installation cost.

No need for unique control cabinets also reduces cost.

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Our system is designed to reduce the number of cables as they are placed where the safety function is needed. Furthermore, the safety control cabinet is not needed and the Safety Simplifier is easily reusable.

Using our wireless communication for safety saves a lot of cabling and installation material.

Furthermore, Safety Simplifier is modules that are easy to reuse in new safety systems.

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Using the Safety Simplifier concept for safety solutions is probably the most time effective way to install a safety system. Time spent on the design of safety functions, drawings and installation are both eliminated and reduced.

Smart Solution -Why?

Get to know more about how we can create safety solutions with Safety Simplifier.

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Simplifier Products

Safety Simplifier – is a push-button box with a Safety PLC and LED display with endless possibilities and adaptations. See our products and solutions range.

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No matter size or type of industry our Safety Simplifier concept can be adapted for your unique needs and expectations.