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Smart Solutions

No matter size or type of industry our Safety Simplifier concept can be adapted for your unique needs and expectations.

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Smart Solution -Why?

  • Industries and environments –Thanks to the integrated safety PLC, the waterproof enclosure for Safety Simplifier and wireless communication, there are no limitations of what system you can create with the Safety Simplifier.
  • Today´s constant improvement & development in industry and technology – You can always add, remove, and change the system.
  • Standards and Regulations – Use ready-made Safety Simplifiers designed according to standards and regulations.
  • Customized products and solutions – We make customized Safety Simplifiers for you to combine with standard ones for special solutions

Plug and play for a machine.

A plug and play solution for a tool changer, one Safety Simplifier for a safety sensor and for safe I/O to any machine.

  • I/O machine
  • Plug and Play
  • Safety Sensor
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Expand and Replace.

You can easiliy expand any safety system with a Safety Simplifier. Just connect the I/O to the existing machine safety  circuit and add the safety devices you want. Ad a door, light curtain or any safety function controlled by a Safety Simplifier. The stop signals and other signals needed are easily provided with relays contacts, transistor outputs or inputs.

  • Connect with to all types of machines and robots,  wirelessly or by cable
  • Waterproof box – IP66
  • Gore Tex membran makes it breath in cold and warm environments
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Connect with other brands and products.

Our Safety Simplifier is designed for safety solutions and to be connected to all kind of the safety devices, industrial robots and machines on the market.

  • Programming and Online mode for control and trouble shooting
  • Flexible I/O, set as Input, Output or a combination
  • Free Software Gateways to other systems
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The System – Safety Simplifier
With our patent-pending Safety Simplifier PLC we provide you with wireless, flexible safety technology as a plug and play solution. We provide safety exactly where it is needed and help you to create user-friendly systems, such as at the access doors. Just connect the pushbuttons and/or the emercency stop buttons and you will receive a complete safety solution with evaluation and diagnosis. This data can be safely forwarded to your existing control.

Thanks to its modular design it can be easily expanded. The standard built-in wireless module can be easily activated or deactivated with setting in the free Simplifier Manager.

However the Safety Simplfier is not just a decentralzed Safety PLC. In addition, the system integrates control devices, such as emergency stop buttons, illuminated buttons for various functions or key switches for activation of different operating modes. Additional safety components such as RFID sensors, safety quard lockings, light curtains. safety edges and many other safety components can be connected and intergrated by means of the four connection possibilities on Safety Simplifier.

  • modular design
  • safety bus communication wirelessly or by bus cable
  • programmable safety PLC
  • 14 safe I/O selectable as Input, Output or a combination
  • 2 x 2 double safety relay outputs
  • networking of up to 16 units and also between systems
  • two-way communication
  • neworking of up to 256 I/O:s

Implementation of a robotic cell with Safety Simplifier.

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Example of an application in a Robot cell

  • One Safety Simplifier evaluates the OSSD signals for the light grid and the muting function for the override function.
  • One Safety Simplifier on the  control cabinet of the  machine  for safety I/O and non safety I/O.
  • One Safety Simplifier installed on the control cabinet of the robot for safe communication and shutdown of the robot.
  • One Safety Simplifier installed on the tool stand for the monitoring of the safe tool change of the robot.
  • One Safety Simplifier installed on the door for safe locking and time delayed opening of the door.
  • Thanks to the wireless bus or the M12 quick connection cable bus all I/O:s and safety devices can be seen and used in every Safety Simplifier Plc in the system. It is also easy to add or reuse Safety Simplifiers for other machines.


When we say smart we mean Easy, Safe and Flexible for you.