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Safety fence models


  • Flexible and individual
  • Robust and stable

Flex-Line is ideal for complex safety solutions thanks to its many design options. Combine different fillings and breakthroughs, slopes or openings at any point of the fence.

Read more and request a Flex-Line safety fence solution here.


  • Slim and cost-effective
  • Reduced use of materials

Easy-Line is the most cost-effective and economical safety fence solution thanks to the reduced use of materials. It is combinable with other SSP safety fence models and is mainly used for long and simple fence lines and enclosures.

Read more and request a Easy-Line safety fence solution here.


  • Robust and sturdy
  • Flexible with numerous attachment options

Combi-Line is a hybrid safety fence model that combines economy with stability. The system is mainly used for longer fence runs of average complexity.

Read more and request a Combi-Line safety fence solution here.