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Wireless or bus cable

You can select what you want but wireless gives you new possibilities and simplifies the installation.

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Automation mobile machines

Thanks to wireless safety communication, the vehicles can be switched off safely from anywhere you want, for example from fixed E-Stop buttons in a building.

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Wireless online communication

Thanks to wireless functionality you can access your Safety Simplifier without cable limitation. The unique online mode wirelessly, with Simplifier Monitor, makes programming much easier and considerably reduces the commissioning time.

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Wireless simplify installations for door systems.

A Door system system control by a Safety Simplifier is easy to install, just take 24 VDC from any place. The wireless system do not need to have the same voltage supply which bus cable systems need. 

For the Safety Simplifier itself, anywhere between 10 and 30 VDC is sufficent.


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Less cables save the enviroment

You save a lot of cables using wireless communication.

Smart Solutions

Explore how you can create a safety solution with Safety Simplifier.

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Explore the product range

Read more about our products and solutions. Take the opportunity to send an order request directly.

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The Safety Simplifiers are prepared to communicate with different brands of PLC:s using our free Software Gateways.