Solutions - Wireless cable

The wireless safety connection for up to 112 I/O and 16 redundant relay outputs fulfills SIL 3, Ple, Cat 4. The Safety Simplifier is certified by RISE in Sweden and TUV in Germany.

Each I/O is selectable as Safe Input or Safe Output.

You can program yourself in our free software Simplifier Manager.

How long distance? This depends on the environment. In open space, it can be up 100 m between the Safety Simplifiers. To be sure it works in different environments and through walls, you can add up to 14 repeaters. These automatically repeats the signals in both directions.

If you need more I/O add more units. Two units give you 7 I/O in each direction and up to 4 redundant relay output. Sixteen units give you 112 I/O to select direction on and a lot of relay outputs. Each one of the Safety Simplifiers repeats an I/O as a global memory to be used in any Safety Simplifier. You can place each one of the 16 Safety Simplifiers wherever you want. The Safety Simplifier is a plc, and you can program it yourself.
Furthermore, software gateways are included for several bus systems on the market. You connect and fill in a list of what information you want in the exchange. The software gateways are free of charge.